Domenico Colonnetta

Domenico Colonnetta, born into art in 1980, learned the profession basics from his grandfather Paolo, a renowned chef in Palazzolo Acreide. He inherited a passion for sweet and savoury leavened foods by frequenting his grandmother’s bakery.

With this experience, he started attending the Hotel Management School in Modica. Then he weaved meaningful collaborations with Italian and international restaurants and chefs. Villa Davide in Vittoria, the Hotel Tarquinia in Rome and the Santini Country in Milan are some of the stages in his training.

His arrival at Ristorante Duomo in Ragusa Ibla as a sous-chef in 2003 marked his entry into Italian haute cuisine. Alongside chef Ciccio Sultano, Domenico refined his art. He developed a personal cooking philosophy, which would lead him to take on new and courageous challenges a few years later, shared with his friend and colleague Francesco Patti.

Their personal and professional partnership gave rise in 2008 to Ristorante Coria in Caltagirone, awarded a Michelin Star in 2012, and in 2013 to Squiseating. This ambitious project brings gourmet cuisine into the world of banqueting excellence.